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U.S. Puts Out Hit List on Afghan Drug Traffikers

The U.S. has put out a list of 50 suspected Afghan drug traffikers calling for them to be “captured or killed.” 90% of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan, BBC News.

Militants have attacked a police and provincial government compound in Logar Province. Afghanistan is only 10 days away from a presidential election, New York Times.

Coordinated explosions rock Iraq. 44 people are dead and scores wounded in attacks in Baghdad and Mosul, Voice of America.

Mehdi Karroubi, a candidate in Iran’s disputed presidential election, is alleging that anti-government political protesters have been raped in Iranian prisons, Al Jazeera.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signed an agreement with Angola to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Clinton urged Angola to adopt a new constitution and to hold presidential elections. Current president Jose Eduardo dos Santos has served as president for the past thirty years. The last presidential election was in 1992, Voice of America.

The leaders of Mexico, the United States, and Canada are meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico for a summit to discuss economic and security issues, CNN.

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Key Guantanamo Report Delayed

A key report on the closing of the Guantanamo prison has been delayed. A Justice Department-led task force was charged with figuring out how the detainees remaining in Guantamo prison will be tried, charged, or released, but the group is not ready with that information. The Obama administration says they are still committed to closing the prison by the deadline of January 2010, Voice of America.

Two cities in eastern Afghanistan were hit by suicide bombers and armed gunmen yesterday. Militants in Gardez attacked the governor’s compound as well as a police station and an intelligence directorate. In Jalalabad, militants attacked an air force base. Attacks are expected to increase in anticipation of the upcoming August 20 elections, BBC News.

The US military is targeting poppy seeds in Afghanistan in hopes of reducing the country’s drug crops. 300 tons of poppy seeds in a field in Helmand province were destroyed by bombs yesterday. Poppies are used to make heroin and opium and the profits often are used to fund the Taliban. Aid agencies are trying to encourage Afghan farmers to grow wheat instead, CNN.

Japanese Prime Minister, Taro Aso, has dissolved the lower house of Japan’s Parliament and has scheduled new elections to be held on August 30. Polls show that Aso and his party are expected to lose, Japan Times.

Politicians in California have come to an agreement over the state’s budget. Democratic legistalors agreed to $15.5 billion in program cuts to make up part of the $26.3 billion budget shortfall, but Republicans have steadfastly refused to consider raising taxes on individuals or corporations. The state will also borrow money from local governments and the corrections and education systems will face cuts, Mercury News.

Sky watchers in Asia will get a chance to witness a solar eclipse tomorrow, July 22. In a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, Space.com. Maps of the zone of visibility. China’s coverage of the eclipse, Xinhua.

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