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Nationwide Manhunt for UGA Professor/Shooter George Zinkhan Continues

Almost 24 hours after the deadly shootings, George Zinkhan is still at large. Officials say he could be anywhere. Massive search for Zinkhan’s 2005 red Jeep Liberty with Georgia license plate AIX1376. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a complete timetable of the shootings as well as eyewitness reports.

Last night also saw another campus-related shooting at a Hampton University dorm in Hampton, Virginia. An 18 year-old man shot the night manager of the dorm and another man before shooting himself. There were no fatalities but all three were hospitalized. Hampton University students were alerted to the emergency by text message, USA Today. Text message emergency alerts have been widely implemented on college campuses after the tragedy at Virginia Tech in which a student killed 32 people and himself just over two years ago.

Tamil rebels in Sri Lanka have called for a ceasefire but it has been rejected by the Sri Lanka government who wants the rebels to surrender, BBC News.

Swine flu precautions continue. This is the first serious flu outbreak in North America since the bird flu scare in the Toronto area. Officials are taking the flu threat very seriously and are recommending quarantine for those who show symptoms of the flu. 81 people have died in Mexico from the flu, CNN. President Obama met someone whom later developed swine flu when he was in Mexico, but the White House says that President Obama does not exhibit any symptoms and is not at risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms 11 cases of swine flu in the US.  CDC Factsheet on swine flu.


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