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Suicide blasts hit Iraq before Sunday’s election

The central Iraqi city of Baquba has been hit by three suicide attacks, killing at least 31. The bombings come just days before Sunday’s parliamentary elections. Iraqi police and military are on high alert before the elections and plan operations to prevent more attacks, BBC News.

The death toll from the 8.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked Chile on Saturday has reached almost 800, but officials say most of the deaths may have been caused by a tsunami. Many of the dead lived in coastal villages that were swept away by a tsunami that occurred as a result of the powerful earthquake, NPR.

Police have arrested three Spaniards believed of infecting 13 million computers with “the world’s biggest network of virus-infected computers.” The program allowed the suspects to steal personal and financial data from computers in over 190 countries, CNN.

The Greek government has approved more tax increases in the country, as well as pay cuts for government employees. The measures are expected to generate the financially strapped country $6.54 billion this year, NY Times.

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Rebels in Sudan sign ceasefire

In a power-sharing deal with current President Omar al-Bashir, Sudanese rebels known as the Justice and Equality Movement (Jem) signed a ceasefire agreement. Jem already controls much of Sudan’s capital city of Darfur, BBC News. Sudan has freed 57 rebels as part of the agreement, Reuters.

Ten of thousands are on strike in Greece over budget-cutting measures by the Greek government, Wall St. Journal.

A court in Italy has ruled that a video posted on Google Video violated privacy. Google has met with resistance in European markets, New York Times.

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Three Found After Being Swept Into Atlantic

Three people who were missing after being swept into the Atlantic Ocean have been found. Thousands of spectators were at Maine’s Acadia National Park watching the waves generated by Hurricane Bill when several people were knocked into the water. Two people were rescued, and the other three were missing (a man, a woman and a 7-year-old girl), but found later. Authorities say the girl was unresponsive at the scene, AP.

Several people are dead in Mogadishu, Somalia as violence continues on in the war-torn capital city. 10 Islamic fighters are reportedly dead, but the government says official numbers are not known because the fighters took some bodies with them as they fled. 20 people were killed in the city on Friday, BBC News.

The wildfires in Athens, Greece spread today, worsening due to gusting winds. Thousands have been forced to flee and many homes have been destroyed, New York Times.

President Hamid Karzai has been accused of rigging last Thursday’s presidential election in Afghanistan and hundreds of complaints are filing in around the country. Abdullah Abdullah, Karzai’s main rival, says he will challange the election results legally. The Times says they have found “further discrepancies yesterday in figures being reported from Helmand province,” Times Online.

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S. Korean President to Meet With N. Korean Officials

South Korea’s president has agreed to meet with North Korean officials for the first time since taking office. Lee Myung-bak has invited the officials to attend the funeral of ex-South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, and a meeting will take place hours before the funeral, BBC News.

Canadian authorities stepped up the manhunt for an American reality show contestant who is suspected of murdering his wife. Ryan Jenkins, 32, appeared on VH1’s “Megan Wants a Millionaire” and is believed to have strangled his wife, removed teeth and fingers from the body, and then stashed the remains in a suitcase before fleeing the U.S. Jasmine Fiore was found in a trash bin in California, AP.

Dozens of wildfires are raging near Athens, Greece, and several hundred people have been evacuated from nearby suburbs. The fire is contained in an area 25 miles wide and winds are calm today, but firefighters are afraid strong winds tomorrow could aid the fires, AP.

Hot Topic: Marines Fight With Little Aid From Afghans.

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