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Thousands March for Climate Change Progress in London

20,000 people have marched in support of progress on global climate change in London ahead of the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen next week, BBC News. Stop Climate Chaos Coalition. Join #TheWave on Twitter to show your support.

The White House has expanded the CIA’s unmanned drone program in Pakistan. The drones target Taliban militants, but have been criticized for also striking civilians, CNN.

Sekouba Konate, Guinea’s Vice President, has returned from a trip abroad to take control of the government in the wake of an assassination attempt on President Moussa Dadis Camara who is receiving medical treatment in Morocco. Camara took power in Guinea after a military coup last December. The ruling military junta has been divided since 157 opposition supporters were killed in September, BBC News.

A colleague of Dr. George Tiller, the Kansas physician who preformed late-term abortions and who was killed by an anti-abortion activist last May, has expanded his clinic to provide late-term abortions. Dr. LeRoy H. Carhart of Nebraska has also hired some of Dr. Tiller’s staff members. Late-term abortions are controversial in the United States, New York Times.

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Japan’s Ruling Party Trounced in Today’s Polls

Japanese voters rejected the Liberal Democratic Party which has been in power for five decades. Exit polls indicate that the Democratic Party of Japan trounced the ruling party and may take as many as 300 seats of Japan’s 480 seat parliament, Christian Science Monitor.

A suicide bomber killed at least 14 police recruits in the Swat Valley in Pakistan today, Voice of America.

The first mass protest since the murder of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller has remained peaceful. Members of the anti-abortion group “Operation Rescue” gathered outside the office of Dr. LeRoy Carhart, an abortion provider in Bellevue, Nebraska. Women’s rights supporters who showed up to support the clinic were estimated to outnumber the abortion protesters 2-1, CNN.

In his weekly address U.S. President Barack Obama marked the fourth anniversary of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina that struck the Gulf Coast in August 2005. Obama pledged to rebuild New Orleans and to also better prepare for future natural disasters.  Transcript.

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10 U.S. Banks to Begin Paying Back Bailout Money

As we reported earlier, 11 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in Peshawar, Pakistan at the Pearl Continental Hotel, a 5-star hotel frequently used by foreigners. Three suicide attackers in possibly two cars gunned down security and then ran their car into the hotel. At least 52 people were wounded, and one person killed was a U.N. worker, BBC News.

10 U.S. banks are now allowed to begin paying back the government the bailout money they accepted to stay afloat. Among the big banks, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs will help pay back almost $70B dollars. Others banks include American Express, Bank of New York Mellon, the BB&T Corporation, Capital One Financial, the State Street Corporation U.S. Bancorp, and Morgan Stanley, New York Times.

The clinic of Dr. George Tiller, the man shot and killed last week by a pro-life advocate, will be permanently closed, his family says. The clinic, which performed abortions for decades, was often the site of protests, USA Today.

Iraq has freed a man who was charged with the murders of five U.S. soldiers. Rumore have circulated that he was released as an act of good will to militant groups who released a group of British hostages. Laith al-Khazali was accused of helping kill Capt. Brian S. Freeman, 31, of Temecula, California; 1st Lt. Jacob N. Fritz, 25, of Verdon, Nebraska; Spc. Johnathan B. Chism, 22, of Gonzales, Louisiana; Pfc. Shawn P. Falter, 25, of Cortland, New York; and Pfc. Johnathon M. Millican, 20, of Trafford, Alabama, CNN.

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