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Live Post: Breaking News: Shooting at Fort Hood

12 people are dead and 31 injured after gunmen opened fire at the U.S. military base Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas at approximately 1:30 pm CST this afternoon. One gunman is dead and two others are said to be in custody. Fort Hood is currently on lockdown.

Live Updates (most recent will appear at top):

  • The two soldiers who had initially thought to have been involved in the shooting have been released. Another soldier is in custody and is cooperating with authorities.
  • MSNBC says that the man identified as the primary shooter, Nidal Malik Hasan, was set to be deployed to Iraq on November 28. Sources say that Hasan was an Army psychiatrist and specialized in post traumatic stress disorder. Hasan was born in Virginia and attended Virginia Tech, MSNBC.
  • CNN says that Fort Hood has had the most suicides among service members since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq started.
  • The AP has a list of mass shootings in the United States in the past 18 years, Associated Press.
  • Fort Hood has lost more soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq than any other U.S. base. The Times Online has a gripping account of the emotional toll war takes on soldiers and their families at Fort Hood.
  • Past instances of violence at Fort Hood, Fox News.
  • CNN says all the victims are adults. 25,000 are on the military base any given day, inc. families and children.
  • Jake Tapper of ABC reports that the main suspect in the shooting (presumably the suspect who was killed) is Major Malik Nadal Hasan.
  • US Army requesting all Fort Hood Soldiers to text family to let them know they are ok. Pass It On #FortHood #FtHood (via MishaRN)
  • The Red Cross provides a Safe and Well List during disasters. People can add themselves to the list which is searchable.
  • Press Conference with Fort Hood’s Commanding General: Shooter entered soldier readiness center where soldiers are processed before being deployed overseas. 12 dead and 31 wounded. Primary shooter was a soldier. Two other possibly involved soldiers are under suspicion and are being held. The gunmen were wearing military uniforms and were soldiers.

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