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Controversial U.S. detainee policy in Afghanistan amended

The Haitian government has released new figures concerning rebuilding the country after January’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake, estimating the cost to be around $11.5 billion. A major conference will be held in New York on March 31st to discuss the plan, BBC News.

The U.S. has announced a change in policy that previously allowed soldiers to interrogate detainees in Afghanistan for 96 hours before having to release the detainees or turn them over to Afghani law enforcement. The new policy extends the time period to 14 days, and in some cases detainees may be held even longer. A Pentagon spokeman assured, “Most combatants we pick up on the battlefield will still be turned over to Afghani authorities within 96 hours,” CNN.

Fiji has suffered “overwhelming” damage from Cyclone Tomas, which pounded the South Pacific island for three days. Winds reportedly reached up to 130 mph, and one death has been reported, AP.

The Tamil Tigers, a rebel group in Sri Lanka, have declared that they no longer are seeking to establish their own separate homeland from the country. Many analysts believe this move may finally signal the end of civil war in the country, possibly ending the 25-year conflict, Guardian UK.

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Poland Marks 70th Anniversary of Start of WWII

70 years ago today Germany invaded Poland. Britain and France declared war on Germany two days later. Remembrances are being held throughout Poland today. Polish officials have called for Russia to acknowledge its role in the start of World War II which includes signing a non-aggression pact with Germany. Poland has also asked for an apology for the Katyn massacre in which the entire Polish officer corps was killed. After the war, it came to light that Stalin had ordered the massacre, Reuters.  Archive of memories of the war, BBC.

The Dalai Lama is in Taiwan for five days of mass prayers for the victims of Typhoon Morakot. He says his visit is not political but China has cancelled planned visits of Chinese officials to Taiwan, CNN. Slideshow of the typhoon’s destruction, CNN.

Fiji has been suspended from the Commonwealth, a group of 53 former British colonies and possessions, for refusing to call elections next year. Fiji is ruled by a military dictatorship who seized power in 2006, BBC News.  An investigation of the relationship between the bottlers of Fiji water and Fiji’s ruling dictators, Mother Jones.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the coup that brought Moammar Gadhafi to power in Libya, Voice of America.


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Moldovan Who Aided “Twitter Revolution” Charged

An activist in Moldova has been charged with inciting a “Twitter Revolution,” which has helped aid protests in the country over the last few days. Natalia Morar helped organize a flash mob to protest the elections on April 5th in which the Communist party won 50% of the vote, but many feel the results were manipulated, Wired. Protesters are using the tag #pman on Twitter to help organize protests. Take a look inside the Twitter Revolution, Wired.

The President of Fiji, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, has announced in a radio address that he has fired all judges, thrown out the Constitution, and assumed all power. This comes after the court decided the 2006 military coup that put Iloilo in power was illegal, Associated Press.

Although the UN has failed to agree on sanctions against North Korea for last week’s missile launch, Japan has announced their own against the communist country. They are extending economic sanctions against North Korea for another year and will impose other unspecified (at this time) measures, Associated Press.

The U.K. police officer who was caught on tape pushing Ian Tomlinson, the man who died at last week’s G20 protests, to the ground before he died has been suspended. The offcer apparently turned himself in, Sky News.

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