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Abdullah Pulls out of Afghan Race

As was rumored yesterday, Afghan run-off presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah has withdrawn from the November 7 run-off election against incumbent president Hamid Karzai. Abdullah claims that there is no way that a free and fair election can take place, Bloomberg.

More information is now available about last week’s militant attack on a United Nations guest house in Kabul, Afghanistan. The UN says that it took over an hour for security forces to reach the area after the house was attacked, Associated Press.

Somali pirates who kidnapped British tourists Paul and Rachel Chandler have moved the couple onto land. The pirates are demanding a $7 million ransom from the British government, New York Times.

Anthony Sowell, the resident of the Cleveland, Ohio home where the bodies of 6 women were found last week, has been taken into custody.  Sowell was released from prison 4 years ago after serving a 15-year sentence for rape. Sowell was a registered sex offender and was required to meet regularly with local police. Police discovered the bodies when they went to Sowell’s home to arrest him for sexual assault. The 6 bodies found in the house were all female and all died violently, CNN. Stories of women who said they were attacked by Sowell, including one who was held captive in his home before escaping, Fox News.

Today is the 40th running of the New York City Marathon. Watch live online at NYCmarathon.org. Many of the runners are running for charity this year. Watch for  actor Ed Norton who is running the race with 3 Maasai warriors to raise support for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, maasaimarathon.com.

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Karzai to Answer Fraud Allegations

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he will respond to accusations of fraud impacting the recent presidential election. A UN-backed report claims Karzai did not win the race and should face a runoff with former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah. Karzai has previously refused to take part in a runoff election, BBC News.

Senior White House officials appeared on Sunday morning political shows yesterday to discredit right-wing news channel Fox News. Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel said Fox News “is not a news organization so much as it has a perspective,” New York Times.

American scientist Stewart David Nozette was arrested by the FBI today and charged with spying for Israel. The former Defense Department and NASA worker faces life in prison if convicted, BBC News.

A Chilean telescope has discovered 32 new planets outside of our solar system. The planets were found using the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher, or HARPS. There are about 400 known exoplanets, and the group who found the 32 exoplanets say they will present more after further study, CNN.


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Violence and Election Controversy in Afghanistan

According to current election returns, current President Hamid Karzai and main opponent Abdullah Abdullah are about even in the Afghan presidential race. Only 10 percent of votes are in, and there are already 50 complaints of election fraud, but many believe a runoff election will be needed, AP.

More than 4o people have been killed in a car bomb blast in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The city is a stronghold of the Taliban, though no one has yet claimed responsibility. 60 people were injured. Four U.S. soldiers were also killed in the country while patrolling, but a NATO spokesman would not reveal where in the country the troops were located, BBC News.

The White House is predicting that over the next decade, America will rack up a $9 trillion debt – more than the history of American debt combined. The economy is also predicted to shrink 2.5 to 2.8 percent this year. However, President Obama pointed out that there are signs that the U.S. will come out of the recession soon, such as the success of the cash for clunkers program, which ended yesterday, AP.

NASA will attempt to launch the Space Shuttle Discovery early Wednesday morning at 1:10 am. The shuttle attempted to take off today, but thunderstorms prevented the launch. Discovery will take a 13-day journey to link up with the International Space Station, SPACE. You can follow @Astro_Jose, crew member Jose Hernandez, on Twitter for updates.

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Three Found After Being Swept Into Atlantic

Three people who were missing after being swept into the Atlantic Ocean have been found. Thousands of spectators were at Maine’s Acadia National Park watching the waves generated by Hurricane Bill when several people were knocked into the water. Two people were rescued, and the other three were missing (a man, a woman and a 7-year-old girl), but found later. Authorities say the girl was unresponsive at the scene, AP.

Several people are dead in Mogadishu, Somalia as violence continues on in the war-torn capital city. 10 Islamic fighters are reportedly dead, but the government says official numbers are not known because the fighters took some bodies with them as they fled. 20 people were killed in the city on Friday, BBC News.

The wildfires in Athens, Greece spread today, worsening due to gusting winds. Thousands have been forced to flee and many homes have been destroyed, New York Times.

President Hamid Karzai has been accused of rigging last Thursday’s presidential election in Afghanistan and hundreds of complaints are filing in around the country. Abdullah Abdullah, Karzai’s main rival, says he will challange the election results legally. The Times says they have found “further discrepancies yesterday in figures being reported from Helmand province,” Times Online.

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Votes for Sale in Afghanistan Election

A suicide car bombing on a road between the cities of Jalalabad and Kabul has killed 4 people in Afghanistan. Attacks are increasing ahead of Thursday’s elections. A provincial candidate was killed in an attack by the Taliban, Al Jazeera. The BBC has found evidence of fraud in the Afghan elections. Thousands of voter cards are for sale. It is also alleged that all major candidates have paid local leaders for votes. 17 million people are eligible to vote, but are being discouraged by the Taliban who say they will target anyone involved in the elections, BBC News.

Al Jazeera report on election security:

Former South Korea president Kim Dae-jung has died at the age of 85. President from 1998 to 2003, Kim won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work to promote democracy and reconciliation with North Korea, Yonhap.

The Russian Navy, which found the missing cargo ship Arctic Sea off the coast of Africa yesterday, has detained 8 accused hijackers, CNN.

64 people are feared dead after an accident at a Russian hydroelectric plant in Siberia, AP.

Sharon Keller, a judge in Texas, is on trial for professional misconduct for not allowing a man on death row to file a last minute appeal simply because the appeal came in after normal office hours. The man was executed by lethal injection, USA Today.

3 men (1 American and 2 Russians) have been arrested in the biggest case of identity theft in the U.S. The men hacked into online security systems to steal information from 130 million debit and credit cards. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

The White House has relaxed its insistence that any health care reform must have a public option (a government plan that people could buy like private insurance) and has expressed an openness to nonprofit health co-ops instead, New York Times.

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