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Suicide Bomber Hits UN Office in Islamabad

A suicide bomber has killed at least five people at the United Nations World Food Program center in Islamabad, Pakistan. The five killed were all UN staff workers – four were Pakistani nationals and one was from Iraq. The bomber entered the lobby wearing a military uniform and detonated around 16 pounds of explosives, New York Times.

The 2009 Nobel Prize in medicine has been awarded to Americans Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider and Jack W. Szostak. Blackburn, a former professor at Berkeley, and her two students Greider and Szostak discovered “a key mechanism in the genetic operations of cells, an insight that has inspired new lines of research into cancer,” AP.

More than 220 people have been killed in southern India after massive flooding. 1.5 million others are said to be displaced, Voice of America.

A major corruption trial has begun in Johannesburg, where South Africa’s former chief of police Jackie Selebi has pleaded not guilty to being involved with organized crime and accepting over $150,000 in bribes. Selebi was elected as Interpol president in 2004 and resigned last year after he was charged, BBC News.

Hot Topic: Probing the Arctic Sea Conspiracies.

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U.K. Debating Ultra Fast Rail Travel

33 people are missing after a boat sunk off the coast of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. The first ship to reach the scene saved 42 people, BBC News.

William Jefferson, a former congressmen from Louisiana, was convicted today of 11 counts of bribery. Jefferson is accused of accepting $400,000 in bribes and was found with $90,000 in his freezer in March 2005. His lawyer says he will appeal the decision, AP.

The U.K. has introduced rail plans that would create ultra fast passenger trains, with speeds reaching 250/mph. Transport analysts say, if built, the new system could substantially cut into air travel, Guardian Unlimited.

New scientific studies show that far away stars move at speeds greater than one million mph. The stars are part of a galaxy 11 billion light-years away and prove that the galaxy is oddly massive, but compact, SPACE.

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Man Arrested in Jakarta With Live Bomb

Police say a man who was carrying a bomb and planning to hijack a plane and fly it into a high-rise building has been arrested in Jakarta. The man is said to be a follower of terrorist leader Noordin M Top, who police believe is responsible for the July 17th attacks on the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta. Six foreigners and one Indonesian were killed in last week’s bombing, Jakarta Globe.

Fighting between government forces and armed separatists has killed eight people in Yemen. The separatists claim President Ali Abdullah Saleh is involved in a corruption scandal and want independence, BBC News.

44 people, including three mayors, two state legislators and several rabbis, were arrested in New Jersey today on corruption charges. The charges stem from “an investigation of an international money laundering ring that trafficked in everything from fake Gucci and Prada handbags to human kidneys,” USA Today.

The Dow Jones finished above 9,000 for the first time since January. The gain came after strong reports from major companies, including Ford, who reported a lower loss than expected, Washington Post.

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