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Compromise Reached in Honduras Coup Crisis

A deal has been reached in Honduras that will allow deposed President Manuel Zelaya to return to power. The legislature must approve the deal. The interim leader of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, had argued that the crisis would be resolved after the upcoming scheduled November 29 presidential election, but the international community pledged to not recognize the results if  Zelaya was not returned to power first. Micheletti contended in June that a coup was necessary because Zelaya had illegally changed the country’s constitution to allow him to run for a third term. The international community refused to recognize the coup as legal and maintained that Micheletti’s government was not valid. President Zelaya, who was threatened with arrest if he set foot on Honduran soil, has been staying in the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras for more than a month, New York Times.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrapped up a 3-day trip to Pakistan where she met with government officials and military leaders.  Clinton urged cooperation between the U.S. and Pakistan in their efforts to curb militant factions of the Taliban. However, Clinton also expressed skepticism that Pakistan was doing everything it could to capture al Qaeda leaders suspected of hiding in the northwestern mountainous areas along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, Reuters.

Former French President Jacques Chirac has been ordered to stand trial for corruption charges dating back to his time as Mayor of Paris from 1977-1995. Chirac is alleged to have created fake government contracts in order to route city funds to his political party, BBC News.

ICANN, the international regulatory group that oversees internet domain names, will allow internet addresses to include non-Latin based characters, PC World.

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Honduras Lifts Emergency Decree Curtailing Civil Liberties

Honduras has restored civil liberties that were suspended by an emergency decree in September. The decree also shut down two radio stations that supported ousted President Manuel Zelaya. Zelaya is currently holed up in the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras. He was threatened with arrest in a military coup in June. Zelaya’s opponents, led by de facto President Roberto Micheletti, claim Zelaya was attempting to illegally change the country’s constitution so that he could serve a longer term as president. The international community has condemned the coup and refused to accept Mr. Micheletti as the Honduran head of state. Talks brokered by the Organization of American States are expected to commence this week in an effort to resolve the crisis, BBC News.

Ohio Governor Ted Stickland issued orders to delay two scheduled executions today. The decision comes after an execution that was aborted in September because executioners could not find a suitable vein for a lethal injection in a prisoner, Reuters.

The U.S. Supreme Court began its 2009-2010 term today with new Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Washington Post. The Supreme Court declined to hear 2,000 cases, New York Times.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has issued new rules about product information and online reviews. The guidelines will include bloggers and will require websites disclose free gifts and payments made for product reviews. The FTC also said that questionable products can no longer be sold with the diclaimer “results not typical,” Associated Press. How will music blogs be affected by the new rules? Idolator.

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UN Agency Says Iran has Knowledge Required to Make Nuke

A new confidential report by the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency says that Iran has the information necessary to make a nuclear device. However, the agency has also cautioned that it has no proof Iran has started the complicated physical process of making a weapon, New York Times. Leaked excerpts of the report, Institute for Science and International Security.

Rescue experts from Rapid UK and International Rescue Corps have arrived in Indonesia to help search for victims of a massive earthquake that occurred on Wednesday. 1,100 people have already been declared dead and rescuers fear that another 3,000-4,000 may be trapped under rubble. The earthquake was centered near the city of Padang, BBC News. In pictures, BBC News.

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and defacto President Robert Micheletti have agreed to talks, though it is unlikely the two will meet in person. President Zelaya was forced to leave the country in June after a coup by military leaders. Opponents of President Zelaya claim that he was trying to change the country’s Constitution so that he could serve a longer term as President. The President of the Honduran Congress, Robert Micheletti, was sworn in as the new president in June. However, world leaders have not accepted his presidency and have stated that Mr. Zelaya needs to be reinstalled as president. Mr. Zelaya returned to Honduras in late September and is currently living in the Brazilian Embassy. Soldiers are stationed outside the Embassy ready to arrest Mr. Zelaya if he leaves, Voice of America.

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