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Chile sends troops to quake areas to quell looting

Troops have been deployed to stop looting following Saturday’s massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile, Al Jazeera. More on Concepcion, the city hardest hit by the earthquake, BBC News. First hand accounts from earthquake survivors, CNN. Earthquake factbox, Reuters.

President Obama is evaluating a new strategy that could drastically reduce the nuclear arsenal of the United States, New York Times.

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Aftermath of the earthquake in Chile

A deadly 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Chile Saturday morning. More than 24 hours later, 300 are dead in Chile as a result of the quake and damages are expected to total into the tens of billions of dollars. Some residents in the town most affected by the quake, Concepcion, are still trapped under rubble, BBC News.

The earthquake will also effect global markets because Chile’s copper mines and oil refineries have been shut down, Reuters.

A tsunami alert that was issued for the entire Pacific has been lifted. Japan is maintaining a tsunami alert and has evacuated residents of coastal areas but the danger has mostly passed, Vancouver Sun.

Recent major earthquake timelines, Al Jazeera.

Photos of the quake, CNN.

Maps and info on the earthquake from the U.S. Geological Survey, USGS.

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