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U.S. Set to Accept Direct Talks With Iran

The White House has accepted a proposal by Iran to meet directly for unconditional talks. A senior administration official will meet with representatives from Iran and Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany. One of the primary issues is whether more sanctions will be imposed if Iran continues to carry out its nuclear program. The UN has already placed several rounds of sanctions on Iran, New York Times.

A Coast Guard drill yesterday morning on the Potomac River near the Washington Monument set off an hour-long scare before it was discovered the activity was part of a routine drill. CNN initially reported that 10 shots were fired after hearing gunfire described on a radio frequency the Coast Guard was using as part of the drill. CNN later retracted that statement but coming on the anniversary of September 11th when emotions are already heightened, many people were frightened, New York Times. Timeline of CNN’s coverage, CNN.

In his weekly address, President Obama talks about the millions of Americans without health insurance and how easy it is to lose health insurance in America,  Transcript.

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