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White Supremacist Kills One at D.C. Holocaust Museum

Just before 1:00pm this afternoon, James Von Brunn, 88, shot and killed a security guard, Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns, at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Von Brunn has a history of violence, previously attempting to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve board for which he was jailed four years. His website (since taken down) painted a chilling picture of the man, a white supremacist and Holocaust denier, who believed Jewish people were out “to destroy the White gene-pool.” Von Brunn was seriously injured after being shot by another guard, Washington Post.

Two Peruvian laws have been suspended in the country after they led to violence that has killed 54 people since Friday. “The laws are designed to regulate investment in the Amazon, but indigenous groups say they will lose control of their natural resources,” and now the tribes will have more time to negotiate with the government, BBC News.

Chrysler and Fiat have reached a deal that will save Chrysler for bankruptcy. The fast sale is a win for President Obama, who promised that the car company’s reorganization would be quick, New York Times.

Carrie Prejean, Miss California and the runner-up at this year’s Miss America pagent, has been stripped of her crown for breach of contract. Prejean caused a firestorm when she said during the pagent she did not agree with gay marriage and became a poster girl for the right-wing and anti-gay groups. Last month, pagent head Donald Trump allowed Prejean to keep her crown, but officially fired her today, Reuters.

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Over a Million Flee Pakistan Amid Fighting

Thousands have fled Pakistan today after the government announced they were lifting the curfew in the Swat Valley region in order to allow residents to leave. Fighting between Taliban fighters and the U.S. and Pakistani armies has caused civilian deaths, including 140 deaths last week that occurred during an American air strike. The UN estimates about one millions people have fled in the last two weeks, BBC News.

General Motors has announced they will close 1,100 dealerships in the U.S. Yesterday, Chrysler announced the same intention and will close hundreds of sales outlets. Insiders say the news is worse for GM dealers as Chrysler dealers often sell other brands of cars alongside Chrysler, but GM dealers almost exclusively deal with GM models, NPR.

Armed security forces fired tear gas and shots into the Arabic daily newspaper al-Ayyam’s offices on Wednesday. On Monday, forces attempted to arrest the paper’s editor-in-chief Hisham Basharheel in connection to a death at his home last year when armed men attacked the house and security guards fired back, killing one attacker. However, Amnesty International reports that they believe he is being sought after the paper’s coverage of protests in southern Yemen, Amnesty International.

PBS is considering stripping affiliation of any PBS channel that broadcasts religious programming. PBS voted in 1985 to only allow nonpartisan, nonreligious, and nonsecular programming because the station wants to ensure fairness as it is receives government programming and public donations, Washington Post.

Watch a slideshow of this week’s biggest stories in science, including the Atlantis space shuttle launch and the discovery of roaming black holes, Discovery News.

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Pakistani Police Back in Control of Sieged Compound

The siege by gunmen of the Manawan police training school in Lahore, Pakistan is over. Gunmen dressed as police stormed the facility on Monday. The initial attack is thought to have killed 20 cadets. Pakistani security forces, who surrounded the compound as up to 800 were held hostage by the gunmen, were able to gain access to the compound and subdue the terrorists using tear gas. Although several arrests have been made, it is also reported that some of the gunmen may have blown themselves up. More information will be posted as official reports come in, Sky News.

Earlier this month, Lahore was the site of an attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team which killed six police, two civilians, and wounded several players, AFP.

U.S. President Obama to announce restructuring plan for troubled automakers General Motors and Chrysler. The address is scheduled to begin at 11 am EDT, The Oakland Press.

The Red River continues its retreat from flood levels near Fargo, North Dakota; Winnipeg, Manitoba prepares for ice jams and floods, CBC.

Computer security experts are warning of the “Conficker” worm, a sleeper worm which is thought to be set to trigger on April 1. The worm is believed to infect over 10 million computers worldwide. Windows users can install the Conficker patch at microsoft.com/conficker. Experts advise backing up data before the worm, whose intentions are unknown, is released, National Business Review.

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