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Port-au-Prince airport reopens; relief efforts continue in Haiti

Victims of Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti slept outdoors for a second night. Relief teams have arrived on the island. The airport at Port-au-Prince is back in working condition and planes are able to takeoff and land. The U.S. has sent military units to aid with the relief efforts as well as a search and rescue team from Fairfax, Virginia, Wall Street Journal. More on the logistical hurdles facing relief workers, Los Angeles Times. Aftermath of the earthquake in pictures, BBC News.  More background on the tragic history in Haiti, BBC News.

Google announced on Tuesday that the company is willing to pull out of China if the country does not relax its censorship laws. Google says that Chinese human rights advocates using the Gmail service have had their accounts attacked. Chinese officials responded by saying that companies doing business in China must follow Chinese laws, even if they include censorship, New York Times.

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Fighting in Nigeria Kills At Least 39

Eight people were killed today in a wrong-way crash on a New York highway. The driver of a minivan was moving southbound on a northbound road and struck two other cars. Four children, all related, and one adult in the minivan were killed. Three other adults in another vehicle were also killed, CNN.

Gov. Sarah Palin officially stepped down from her position as Alaska’s governor today. You can watch her farewell speech here.

Dozens have been killed in clashes in Nigeria. Fighting between police forces and a radical Islamist group broke out after the group attacked a police station in Bauchi. At least 39 people were killed, BBC News.

Questions of censorship are arising as more and more AT&T users are reporting that the /b/ section of the site 4chan.org is blocked from their phones. The founder of the site is calling for a ban, and 4chan users are known for their influence on the internet, Erling Løken Andersen.

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Trial of Sole Survivoring Mumbai Attacker Delayed

The trail of the sole survivor of the group of suspects who perpetrated the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year has been delayed. Ajmal Amir Qasab, a Pakistani national, was set to begin trial today when his appointed lawyer was removed due to conflict of interest because the lawyer also represented a victim of the attacks, CNN.

Elections in India begin tomorrow. Over 700 million people will cast parliamentary ballots at 800,000 polling centers. The elections will take five weeks with ballots cast in a different region every week. In recent years national parties have been declining while local and regional parties have gained, New York Times. BBC News has in depth coverage: battleground map, election in numbers, impact of redistricting.

Pirates again attacked a US ship, the Liberty Sun carrying aid to Africa. The pirates inflicted damage to the ship but were ultimately repelled, Huffington Post.

French fishermen protest EU fishing restrictions by blockading 3 ports on the English Channel, France 24.

This day in history: Today is the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough football disaster. In 1989, 96 fans were crushed to death at a football match in Liverpool, Sky News.

Shocker: Ohio State University study reveals Facebook use causes academic performance to suffer, OSU Research Page. OSU has recently come under fire for deleting posts on the university’s official Facebook page, Chronicle of Higher Education.

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