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Kuwait Elects 1st Female Lawmakers

In a country where women have only had the rights to vote and run for public office since 2006, Kuwait has elected 4 women to its national parliament, CNN International.

Tamil Tiger rebels have called a ceasefire, effectively surrendering to the Sri Lankan army and ending the intense conflict of the past month. The Sri Lankan government claims that all civilians were rescued from the war zone before it began its final push. Media are not allowed in the area so it is impossible to verify reports from either side. It is estimated that 70,000 have been killed in the conflict since it began 26 years ago, BBC News.

Pakistan claims that it has killed 1,000 militants since it stepped up attacks on Taliban rebels earlier this year. A massive civilian evacuation is underway in northwestern Pakistan along the Afghanistan border, Xinhua.

Men in Mexico dressed as police freed 53 prisoners from a Mexican prison. Mexico is in the middle of a tough fight against drug gangs, New York Times.

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Tamil Protest Tomorrow: We’ll Be There

Tamil supporters gather in Ottawa

Tamil supporters gather in Ottawa

Tomorrow at 9am EDT a massive protest will take place near Parliament Hill in Ottawa in support of the Tamil ethnic group which has been engaged in a struggle with the government of Sri Lanka. The group first began its protest in Ottawa by blocking the roads surrounding Parliament but was later moved onto sidewalks. Several Tamils on hunger strikes have been hospitalized. Organizers are predicting that 25,000 people will attend the event. Walking through Centretown and the Byward Market this afternoon, it was very apparent that many people have traveled to Ottawa for the protest. Parliament Hill looked like a picnic area with groups spread out on blankets and people playing frisbee. [21/4/2009 edit: Those kids were on the lawn for 4/20 Day! Sorry for missing this- we’ll make sure to cover it next year!] It is raining right now and the rain is predicted to continue tomorrow so the weather may effect turnout, Ottawa Citizen.

Similar protests have been taking place around the world. Over 200 demonstrators were arrested today in France, Telegraph.

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