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Pakistan Militants Carry Out Coordinated Attacks

Pakistan was hard hit by 4 coordinated militant attacks yesterday on the Federal Investigation Agency in Lahore and 3 police training centers, 2 in Lahore and 1 in northwestern Pakistan. 37 people died in the attacks, including military personnel, militants, and civilians. The attacks cast doubt on whether security forces can protect the country from militants, especially since it appears that previously unrelated militant groups are increasingly working together, Washington Post.  More on the attack on Pakistan’s military headquarters on October 12, BBC News.

South Korea and the European Union signed a free trade deal that will end or phrase out more than 96% of tariffs on foreign goods between the two. The agreement is expected to boost the South Korean economy, Yonhap.

Christopher Savoie, an American in the midst of a custody dispute case, was released in Japan without being charged with kidnapping. Savoie, who is a naturalized citizen of Japan, took the children from their mother as she walked them to school in late September. Savoie attempted to enter the American consulate to obtain passports for the children, but was arrested while still on Japanese soil. Savoie’s ex-wife had previously broken a custody agreement by fleeing to Japan from the U.S. with the children in August after the couple divorced, CNN.

A new report by the the Catlin Arctic Survey, based on a expedition led by Pen Hadow, says that the Arctic Ocean could be ice free during the summer in as little as 10 years, BBC News.

Pen Hadow said he was shocked by the image of how “in my lifetime we’re looking at changing how the planet looks from space.”

He also described how polar explorers were having to change their methods from the days when sledges could be pulled by dogs over the ice.

“Dogs can swim but they can’t tow a sledge through water which is what’s needed now.”

“Now we have to wear immersion suits and swim and we need sledges that can float. I can foresee needing sledges that are more like canoes that you also pull over the ice.”

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