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Iran to restart uranium enrichment program

Iran has ordered its nuclear chief to begin enriching uranium. Iran says the enriched uranium will be used in a research reactor, BBC News.

55 nations submitted their plans for reducing carbon emissions this week, New York Times.

U.S. President Barack Obama released his proposed 2011 budget. One of the cuts will scrap plans by NASA to sends humans back to the moon by 2020, CNN.

The British medical journal, The Lancet, retracted publication of a 1998 study that suggested the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine was linked to autism, Boston Herald.

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Demonstrators Mark Int’l Day of Climate Action

Today is the International Day of Climate Action, CNN.  Check 350.org to find demonstrations in your area.

For more information on the immediate effect of global climate change, check out the show “Water World” by NOW on PBS. Slideshow, Coastal Crisis, NOW.

Products in Sweden will soon be required to include information about carbon emissions during production on their labels, New York Times.

The Pakistan military has taken a key town from Taliban fighters in South Waziristan. Kotkai is home to senior leaders of the Taliban in Pakistan, Reuters.  Profile of South Waziristan, BBC News. Q & A on the challenge of fighting in the region, BBC News.

Current New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has spent $85 million of his own money on his Nov. 3 reelection campaign, according to campaign records. He may spend as much as $140 million before the race is over. Mayor Bloomberg’s opponent, Democrat William C. Thompson, Jr., has spent about $6 million. Bloomberg now holds the record for spending more of his own money than anyone else in U.S. history on pursuing public office, New York Times.

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