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2 Killed When Car Crashes Into Crowd at Queen’s Day Celebrations

A gunman killed 13 people at a oil training academy in Baku, Azerbaijan and wounded another 10. There are some reports that a lone gunman killed himself and others say that there were as many as four gunman, AP.

A California woman claims her late father was the Zodiac Killer. Deborah Perez says her dad Guy Ward Hendrickson killed at least two of the Zodiac Killer’s victims. The number of deaths attributed to the serial killer range from five to as many as 36. Perez says she helped write and send some of the Zodiac’s letters to San Fransisco newspapers and was present when her father killed Darlene Ferrin, 22, and wounded Michael Mageau, 19, Sky News.

The WHO has raised the pandemic level to ‘Phase 5,’ the second highest level. The swine flu has been confirmed in 11 U.S. states and President Obama said yesterday the government would shut down schools if needed, NPR. Mexico has shut down even more, with many businesses closing and “all nonessential activity” halting, MSNBC.

A BBC investigation has determined that soldiers in the Central African Republic killed possibly 30 civilians in February to deter rebels. The African country, like many on the continent, is subject to infighting between the government and insurgent groups. 18,000 civilians have fled to Chad, CAR’s northern neighbor, to escape the fighting. Human rights abuses are also being investigated in the area, BBC News.

An eight-year-old Saudi girl who was married to a man in his 50s to pay off her father’s debts has finally been given an annulment. Outrage was sparked worldwide earlier in the year when a judge refused to grant the girl a divorce, BBC News.

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Nationwide Manhunt for UGA Professor/Shooter George Zinkhan Continues

Almost 24 hours after the deadly shootings, George Zinkhan is still at large. Officials say he could be anywhere. Massive search for Zinkhan’s 2005 red Jeep Liberty with Georgia license plate AIX1376. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a complete timetable of the shootings as well as eyewitness reports.

Last night also saw another campus-related shooting at a Hampton University dorm in Hampton, Virginia. An 18 year-old man shot the night manager of the dorm and another man before shooting himself. There were no fatalities but all three were hospitalized. Hampton University students were alerted to the emergency by text message, USA Today. Text message emergency alerts have been widely implemented on college campuses after the tragedy at Virginia Tech in which a student killed 32 people and himself just over two years ago.

Tamil rebels in Sri Lanka have called for a ceasefire but it has been rejected by the Sri Lanka government who wants the rebels to surrender, BBC News.

Swine flu precautions continue. This is the first serious flu outbreak in North America since the bird flu scare in the Toronto area. Officials are taking the flu threat very seriously and are recommending quarantine for those who show symptoms of the flu. 81 people have died in Mexico from the flu, CNN. President Obama met someone whom later developed swine flu when he was in Mexico, but the White House says that President Obama does not exhibit any symptoms and is not at risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms 11 cases of swine flu in the US.  CDC Factsheet on swine flu.


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Updates on Today’s Biggest Stories

Okay, there is A LOT going on today, overwhelmingly so, so I thought we’d update some stories we’ve previously reported.

First off, as a member of the Athens, GA community and a UGA student (your other editor is an alum), we’re all very upset with the shootings. It’s cliche, but this kind of stuff doesn’t happen here.

The AJC has confirmed three people have died, including Tom Tanner, 40, and three are injured. Tanner was currently starring in the play Sherlock Holmes at the Athens Community Theatre, where the shooting took place. The two other victims were adults, but names are not yet known. The shooter, Professor George Zinkhan, is still on the loose. Professor Michael Castengera told CNN that Zinkhan showed up at the theater’s yearly reunion and got in an argument, but details of the argument are unknown.

From the Athens Banner-Herald: “He fired several shots, Holeman said, killing three. Though police are not yet identifying the victims, witnesses said they were Zinkan’s wife, Marie Bruce, and two men. Zinkan’s children were at the gathering, but were unharmed and did not see the shooting.” Update: the AJC lists the victims as Marie Bruce (Zinkan’s ex-wife), Ben Teague and Tom Tanner.

In other news, the swine flu outbreak is getting worse and panic is rising. BNO News has confirmed two cases of the swine flu have been found in Kansas. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said they fear the epidemic will spread globally and has called the outbreak in North America an “emergency.” About the NYC schoolchildren we commented on yesterday – now up to 200 children are sick and intial tests say it is the swine flu, but no one is seriously sick.

Finally, beloved Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur has passed away from cancer at the age of 86. She will be missed.


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Breaking: Campus Related Shooting in Athens, Georgia

University of Georgia students received a text message emergency alert at 2pm EDT today notifying them that George M. Zinkhan III, a professor in the Department of Marketing and Distribution, has killed three people in an incident off-campus near Prince Avenue, Red and Black. CDB sources identify the victims as three members of the Athens Community Theater. Zinkhan is still at large and police are urging caution as he may have multiple weapons.


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