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Cave Complex Discovered Under Pyramids of Giza

13 people were killed today at a mosque in Gaza. The causalities occurred during a gun battle that broke out between hundreds of Islamic militants, Hamas fighters and police. One child was killed, BBC News.

A British explorer claims he has discovered a series of tunnels and chambers under the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. British explorer Andrew Collins says he was inspired to find the underground cave complex after reading the memoirs of 19th century explorer Henry Salt, Discovery News.

A quadriplegic in Australia has been granted the right to starve to death. Christian Rossiter will refuse food and water provided to him by the nursing facility where he lives, and the facility will not be held responsible for his death. Rossiter says he is happy with the decision, but will likely consult with a doctor and could change his mind, CNN.

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Zelaya Briefly Returns to Honduras Despite Arrest Threat

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya briefly returned to Honduras today, despite the opposition government’s threat to arrest him for being back in the country. Zelaya was greeted by supporters as he crossed over to the country, but he quickly returned back to Nicaragua. The U.S. has deemed the move “reckless,” BBC News.

At least 17 people were killed when an airplane skidded off a runway while attempting to land in Iran. Reports say the tires failed to work and the plane, which was flying from the capital city Tehran to the northeastern city of Mashhad, skidded into a wall. Only nine days ago 168 people were killed in a plane crash in the country, Sky News.

Football star David Beckham has been fined $1,000 by the MLS for a run-in he had with a fan during halftime of a friendly matched played on Sunday. The fan, a part of a group who brought banners and signs admonishing Beckham for what they feel is a lack of commitment to the club, jumped from the stands to meet Beckham after the player walked to the stands and asked him to come down. Beckham has just rejoined the U.S. club after being loaned to AC Milan for five months and he has expressed interest in returning to Italy to play professionally, Sports Illustrated.

Archaeologists have discovered five shipwrecks off the coast of Italy that are believed to be from Roman times. The wrecks were found near Ventotene in the Mediterranean Sea. The ships are dated to be from between the 1st century B.C. and the 4th century, AP.

Hot Topic: Fears That Amazon Tribes Won’t Be Heard.

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Two British Journalists Expelled From Iran

Three German soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan in a battle with insurgents. The attack happened at the German military base in Kunduz, which has been frequently attacked since German forced entered the country in 2002, BBC News.

Workers in Jerusalem accidentally uncovered a 4,000-year-old tomb from the Canaanite period. The tomb held bones from two human, clay pots, beads, and plates. Archaeologists say the discovery will help shed light on the ancient burial procedures and show how the people lived then, AP.

Two British journalists have been expelled from Iran for “activities inconsistent with their diplomatic status.” In response, Prime Minister Brown will expel two Iranian diplomats from their London embassy, Sky News.

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