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India and Pakistan engage in direct talks

Direct talks between India and Pakistan concluded successfully today.  Little concrete was accomplished but channels of communication were reopened after a year of silence following the 2008 Mumbai hotel terror attack. India believe Pakistan was involved in the bombing, Al Jazeera.

Iraq will rehire 20,000 army officers who served under Saddam Hussein. The officers were removed after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. The move was later criticized for helping to fuel the insurgency. With elections coming up soon in Iraq, some have said that Iraq’s Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki reinstated the officers in an effort to gain their votes, New York Times.

A trainer at a Seaworld theme park in the United States died after being attacked by a killer whale, BBC News. The killer whale had previously killed another trainer. Killer whales, who can weigh up to 22,000 pounds and usually live in packs of 50, can respond erratically to being in captivity. Some have called for the release of killer whales but killer whales born in captivity may still be dangerous in open waters, CNN.

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