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Bodies Found from Air France Flight 447

Two bodies have been recovered in the Atlantic Ocean. body was verified as being a passenger on Air France Flight 447. The other is still bein identified. also found were a backpack and a laptop case. It is presumed that all 228 people on the jet died when it crashed into the ocean, CNN.

The police chief who was in charge during the Mumbai terror attacks in November, 2008 is going to be replaced.  A commission found that Police Commissioner Hassan Gafoor failed to lead effectively during thee attacks, IBN.

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Pilot May Have Spotted Flight 447 Wreckage

Brazilian and French authorities are still searching for Air France Flight 447, which disappeared off radar screens this morning. 228 people were on board and are feared dead. Some reports say a TAM pilot spotted “orange dots” in the ocean this morning and believe it may have been burning wreckage, IBN.

At least five Somali police officers have been killed by a roadside bomb in Mogadishu. Recent fighting around the capital city has left 200 dead and over 60,00o people have fled the area, BBC News.

A U.S. military recruiter was shot and killed today and another wounded by a man who had recently converted to Islam and who was angry at the military. Carlos Bledsoe, 24, of Little Rock, is in custody for the shooting. William Long, 24, of Conway was killed and Quinton Ezeagwula, 18, of Jacksonville was wounded, but is listed in stable condition, USA Today.

Take a look at NPR’s Q&A about General Motors’ bankruptucy filing here.

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Update: Info on Some Passengers on Flight 447

We now know the identities of some of the passengers that were flying on Air France’s Flight 447, which disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean this morning. We’ll provide information on more as details become available.

Relatives confirm Brazil’s Prince Pedro Luís of Orléans-Braganza, born in 1983 and fourth in line for the crown, was on the plane.

Sky News reports the three Irish nationals on board were all women in their 20s, best friends on holiday in Brazil. Local reports say that Aisling Butler of Roscrea, Co Tipperary, Jane Deasy of Dublin and Eithne Walls of Belfast, who graduated together from Trinity College in Dublin, were on the plane.

The Michelin tire company has stated three of their executives were on board, including Luiz Roberto Anastacio, the president of their South American operations.

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Update: Air France Flight 447 Crash

It has been almost ten hours since France announced Flight 447 had disappeared off their radar, and now we have more information about the passengers on the flight. An Air France official has announced there were 58 Brazilians, 61 French, 26 Germans, 9 Chinese, 5 Britons, and 2 Americans, among others, on board. You can find the complete list here.

The wreckage has not been found, but President Sarkozy of France says the change of finding any survivors is very small. The plane, en route to Paris from Rio de Janeiro, went down in the Atlantic Ocean this morning after apparently being struck by lightning. What is known as the plane hit stormy weather and called in a distress call, saying their electrical circuit had failed. More details as we get them.

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