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Britain’s Cabinet Reshuffles as Ministers Quit

Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown shuffles cabinet after Defence Minister quits. Four cabinet ministers have quit recently with some calling for Brown to step down before the next parliamentary elections so that his party, Labour, will have a better shot at retaining power, BBC News.

At least 30 are dead in a suicide blast at a mosque in the Swat Valley in Pakistan. As the Pakistan military has been coming down hard on Taliban militants in the Swat Valley, bombing have increased sharply, CNN. On May 27, a car bomb in Lahore killed 30, CDB.

Voting in the European parliamentary elections continues in Europe. In the Netherlands, Dutch far right candidates had a strong showing- coming in second behind Christian Democrats. Results are not supposed to be announced until all countries are finished voting. The UK also voted yesterday. Ireland and the Czech Republic are voting today, BBC News. Official European Parliament election site.

Following his tour of the Middle East, US President Barack Obama is visiting the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany. Obama’s great-uncle was a soldier in World War II whose division helped liberate the camp. Obama is meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and will also participate in 65th anniversary commemoration of D-Day in Normandy, France tomorrow, CNN. Audio of Obama’s remarks, Whitehouse.gov.

Chinese diplomats met with US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg in Beijing yesterday to discuss the growing threat of North Korea, Xinhua. The South Korea news service, Yonhap, that North and South Korean officials will meet to discuss the fate of an industrial worker who has been detained by North Korea, Yonhap News. The Kaesŏng Industrial Region is a special industrial zone in North Korea where 15 South Korean companies use North Korea’s cheap labor. The man who was detained is accused of slandering north korea’s political system.

Air France Flight 447 Update: Debris found  in ocean is not from the flight, USA Today.

A new study found that 62% of bankruptcies in the US are caused by astronomical medical bills. Of those, 78% had medical insurance at the time the costs were incurred. The study will lend fuel to President Obama’s fight for health care reform, USA Today.

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Wreckage From Flight 447 Found

Brazil’s Defense Minister says wreckage from Air France Flight 447 has been spotted in the Atlantic Ocean by military planes. The seen wreckage is listed as “an orange life vest, an aircraft seat, a drum, kerosene and oil.” It was spotted an estimated 600 miles off of Brazil’s coast, New York Times.

President Obama is preparing to leave for his Middle East trip that is designed to reach out to the Islamic world. Obama will first stop in Saudi Arabia where he will talk with King Abdullah. On Thursday, the U.S. President will speak at Cairo University, followed by a stop in Europe to commemorate D-Day, BBC News.

In a surprise appearance, President Obama met with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak during Barak’s meeting with White House officials in Washington. Obama is seeking to put pressure on Israel to accept a two-state solution, which would give Palestine statehood, but Prime Minister Netanyahu does not seem to be receptive to the idea, Haaretz.

Hot Topic: The Washington Post has a two-part series on the 2006 murder of Robert Wone, an Ivy League lawyer who was stabbed to death at his friend’s home. Three men who lived in the home are the prime suspects and will go on trial next year. Read the series here.


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Air France Flight 447 Wreckage (Possibly) Found

Air France Flight 447 wreckage may have been found. Brazilian aviation officials report that seats have been found floating in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Senegal. Officials now think the plane may have been hit by lightening. The aircraft sent a series of four automated messages indicating equipment had failed but there was no contact with the crew. It is believed the plane crashed into the  ocean, CNN International.

A complete list of passengers aboard Flight 447 has not yet been released. A descendant of Brazil’s non-ruling royal family, Prince Pedro Luis de Orleans e Braganca, was on the plane, as well as executives for the Michelin Tire Company. This is a gobal tragedy that reaches far beyond Brazil and France. Nationalities of the 216 passengers are as follows: 61 French, 58 Brazilian, 9 Chinese, 9 Italian, 6 Swiss, 5 British, 5 Lebanese, 4 Hungarian, 3 Irish, 3 Norwegian, 3 Slovak, 2 American, 2 Moroccan, and also individuals from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, the Philippines, The Gambia, Iceland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sweden and Turkey. 11 of the crew were French and 1 was Brazilian, Channel News Asia.

BBC News is reporting that a South Korean source tells them Kim Jong-il’s third son, Kim Jong-un will be North Korea’s next leader. North Korea is a completely closed society so it unlikely that the story can be confirmed, BBC News.

At least 61 are dead in an accident at  an illegal gold mine in South Africa, Bloomberg.

GM sells Hummer to an unnamed buyer, New York Times.

China has blocked the social media service Twitter this week in an effort to discourage demonstrations during the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy uprising that was brutal struck down 20 years ago, Reuters.

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