Suspects in custody in connection with Russian transit bombings

An unknown amount of suspects linked to this week’s Metro bombings are now in custody in Russia. Russia’s Federal Security Service says the suspects are “linked to the North Caucasus.” Chechen militant leader Doku Umarov claimed responsibility for the attack yesterday, RIA Novosti.

At a United Nations’ meeting in New York yesterday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon asked for continued help for Haiti. So far, $5.3 billion has been pledged around the world to help rebuild the country, far exceeding the UN’s goal of $3.9bn. According to some reports, only about 37 percent of the money from American private donations has been used, ABC News.

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan has accused the United Nations of election fraud in regards to last year’s controversial election. Karzai admitted the election was marred by widespread fraud, but says the blame lies with foreign observers. Peter Galbraith, a former U.S. diplomat and the man Karzai believes is responsible, called the accusations “absurd.” Galbraith was the former deputy head of the UN mission and was dismissed from his post last year after he claimed that the UN had not done enough to combat fraud, BBC News.

Hot Topic: Could the Hutaree militia have spawned a Timothy McVeigh?

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