Yemen emerging as new nest for terrorism, extremists

The French, British, and American embassies in Sanaa, Yemen have closed due to security fears, CNN. Security forces in Yemen have reportedly lost track of arms, including explosives, BBC News. Yemen is emerging as a new frontline on the war on terror. Factbox: Al Qaeda in Yemen, Reuters. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the suspect in the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack on a Detroit bound plane, is Nigerian but studied in Yemen. It may have been in Yemen that Abdulmutallab became radicalized, Reuters.

In-depth profile of the war on terror as fought by the Obama administration, New York Times Magazine.

Beijing saw the most snow, 8 inches,  since 1951 this weekend, Christian Science Monitor. The snowfall in pictures, BBC News. Record snowfall also hit Seoul, South Korea, Yahoo News. The birth of blizzards, Good Magazine.

10 stories you missed in 2009, Foreign Policy.

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