Obama Speaks to Senate Democrats as Debate Rages

President Obama met with Senate Democrats today as the chamber debated healthcare reform in a rare Sunday session. Obama’s spokesman said the President thanked the Democrats for their support and encouraged them to “continue forward on this historic opportunity.” The Senate is expected to heavily debate funds for abortion this week, CNN.

Over 20 mothers who were protesting the deaths of their children during post-election violence were arrested in Iran yesterday at an opposition rally. The mothers were taking part in the anti-government protest in Leleh Park in central Tehran. The government asked foreign news services to not cover the protest and affected internet service to hinder use, New York Times.

The University of Alabama and University of Texas at Austin will play for the college football national title on January 7, 2010 in Pasadena, California. Alabama will be trying for their 13th title and Texas for their fifth, ESPN.

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