China’s Ties with Africa Grow Deeper

Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has declared a state of emergency before the arrival of Hurricane Ida, which is expected to hit land in the next 36 hours. The declaration allows the state to use federal funds to prepare for the hurricane. Ida is currently a Category 2 hurricane, but expected to weaken, CNN.

91 people in El Salvador have died from flooding and landslides, though experts say this was caused not by Ida but a Pacific storm. Heavy rains have pounded the country for days and a state of emergency has been declared for five regions. 60 people are still missing, BBC News.

China has pledged $10 billion in low-cost loans to Africa over the next three years. China’s interest in Africa has been criticized lately, with some saying China is exploiting the land for ores and minerals, as well as encouraging corruption. Wen Jiabao, China’s premier, denies this and says the efforts in Africa are “more focused on improving people’s livelihoods,” Washington Post.

Hot Topic: Reporter recalls the evening the Berlin Wall came down.

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