California Officials Say They Failed Kidnap Victim

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has admitted fault after an investigation revealed that parole officers had met with Phillip Garrido, the registered sex-offender who kidnapped Jaycee Dugard, 60 times in his home without noticing anything was amiss. Parole officers also ignored alerts from a GPS tracking device that Garrido was required to wear, ABC News.

A retired British soldier who trained Afghan police has said that the Taliban has infiltrated top levels of Afghan police forces, Bloomberg. The gunman who killed 5 British soldiers yesterday has been identified as a policeman called Gulbadin and he is reported to be hiding with Taliban fighters, Guardian.

The UN has relocated 600 personnel after an attack on a guest house in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed 5 UN staff members earlier this week, Voice of America.


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One response to “California Officials Say They Failed Kidnap Victim

  1. lfabris

    I think we all failed jaycee. If more of garrido’s associates/neighbors knew about his offender status, would the sheriff have rec’d more complaints and could she have been found sooner. Honestly, we have to watch out for each other. I read in this article that you can now track offenders through Facebook….and we could almost guarantee many of his associates are on facebook daily.

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