Police Find Six Bodies in Cleveland Sex Offender’s Home

The remains of possibly six people have been found in the home of a registered sex offender in Cleveland, Ohio. The bodies were found inside 50-year-old Anthony Sowell’s home and in his backyard. Authorities searched the house after obtaining a search warrant in connection with an attack of a woman at his home in September. He is currently at large, WJW-TV.

Somali pirates are asking for a $7 million ransom after kidnapping a British couple vacationing on their yacht near the Somali coast, Reuters.

The Philippines is being hammered by yet another storm, causing thousands of evacuations and worsening flooding that is still affecting the country after previous storms this month. There are currently no reports of damage or causalities. Typhoon Mirinae is expected to hit the capital city of Manila tomorrow, BBC News.

Reports out of Mozambique are suggesting that President Armando E. Guebuza of the Frelimo Party is easily winning the country’s presidential election. Guebuza is promising to help solve the poverty crisis in the country, a heavy undertaking. The official results may not be released until November 12, New York Times.

Hot Topic: Reality Deals a Blow to Paris Bike Program.

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