October Becomes Deadliest Month in Afghanistan for U.S.

The UN is calling for Israel to immediately halt all forced evictions and demolitions of Palestinian homes. 26 people lost their homes today in East Jerusalem, including 10 children, bringing the total to 600 this year. Additionally, 60,000 people may be in risk of losing their homes, according to the UN, Xinhau.

At least 10 members of an amateur Colombian soccer team have been found dead with gunshot wounds in Venezuela, authorities said Sunday. 12 players were seized while playing a game in the neighboring country. One escaped and another is unaccounted for, Reuters.

With the deaths of eight more soldiers today, October has become the deadliest month for U.S. troops in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001. The eight were killed by multiple improvised explosive devices (IEDs). An Afghan civilian was also among the dead, BBC News.

The fossilized skull of a “sea monster” has been uncovered on the Dorset coast. The creature is believed to be a pliosaur, which ruled the ocean 150 million years ago. Judging by the skull size, the plisosaur could have been 52 feet from head to tail and weighed 12 tons, Guardian UK.

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