Car Bombs in Baghdad Kill 100+, Injure 500+

Two car bombs exploded in central Baghdad this morning killing 130 and wounding hundreds. The bombs struck just outside the heavily fortified Green Zone and damaged the Justice Ministry and the provincial government headquarters. This is the worst attack in the area since August when Iraq’s Foreign Ministry was targeted by suicide bombers, Voice of America.

The al-Shabaab militia forced citizens of the town of Merca, Somalia to watch the execution of two people accused of spying. al-Shabaab closed the schools so that young people could attend the executions. The militia is encouraging young people to engage in violent extremism, BBC News. al-Shabaab recently sponsored a contest that awarded weapons to children aged 10-25 who recited the Koran, Fox News.  Profile of al-Shabaab, Council on Foreign Relations.

303 people accused of being members of the La Familia Mexican drug cartel were arrested in 19 states across the United States yesterday, Washington Post.  Profile of La Familia, BBC News.

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