Climate Change Makes Ethiopian Food Crisis Worse

25 years after a major food crisis in Ethiopia, an Oxfam International report finds that many in the country still lack regular access to food and that international food aid, while saving lives, does not provide Ethiopia with the tools to prevent future food shortages, Report: Band Aids and Beyond.  The UN’s World Food Program has called for emergency food aid to prevent mass starvation in Ethiopia. The country has suffered from four years of drought and experts fear that global climate change will only make the situation worse, BBC News.  Scientists are working to increase food production as populations increase, New York Times.

The pay czar for the Obama administration, Kenneth Feinberg, is expected to call for 175 top executives at U.S. banks that received bailout funds earlier this year to receive pay cuts of about 90%, CNN.  The Obama administration announced yesterday that it will undertake measures to increase small business stability, including allowing small local banks to qualify for loans at lower interest rates, New York Times.

Human Rights Watch reports that dozens of Uighurs are still missing after months of ethnic conflict in western China, Al Jazeera.  Report: We Are Afraid to Even Look for Them.

Social media service Twitter has announced that tweets will appear in both Google and Microsoft search results, Associated Press.

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