Karzai to Answer Fraud Allegations

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he will respond to accusations of fraud impacting the recent presidential election. A UN-backed report claims Karzai did not win the race and should face a runoff with former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah. Karzai has previously refused to take part in a runoff election, BBC News.

Senior White House officials appeared on Sunday morning political shows yesterday to discredit right-wing news channel Fox News. Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel said Fox News “is not a news organization so much as it has a perspective,” New York Times.

American scientist Stewart David Nozette was arrested by the FBI today and charged with spying for Israel. The former Defense Department and NASA worker faces life in prison if convicted, BBC News.

A Chilean telescope has discovered 32 new planets outside of our solar system. The planets were found using the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher, or HARPS. There are about 400 known exoplanets, and the group who found the 32 exoplanets say they will present more after further study, CNN.


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2 responses to “Karzai to Answer Fraud Allegations

  1. Jack

    Lets cut the crap…, every body knows that Karzai is US puppet who wouldn’t last a day wasn’t for US goons watching his back

  2. So we now know that Karzai’s victory was fraudulent, and yet he continues as a viable candidate. What does it say when fraud is not punished? Is having a run-off sufficient punishment? Were all of the candidates benefitting from the fraud tossed out and a new open election held, would this be so catastrophic?

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