Yale Grad Student Was Asphyxiated

New Haven authorities say that an animal research lab technician may have had a role in the death of Annie Le, a Yale grad student whose body was found stuffed in a crawl space inside a research lab. A source says Le was asphyxiated and that the murder was not random. No arrests have been made so far, Hartford Courant.

An United Nations panel has reported that they have evidence of war crimes committed by both the Israeli army and armed Palestinian groups in Gaza. The panel suggests crimes against humanity may have been committed and that if the situation doesn’t change in six months, they will refer the case to the International Criminal Court. The panel found Hamas was guilty of firing rockets into Gaza, but mostly reprimanded Israel for their behavior, accusing the army of “an overall and continuing policy aimed at punishing the Gaza population.” The group found many instances when civilians were targeted and killed by soldiers, New York Times.

Several mortar or rocket attacks hit the Green Zone in Baghdad where U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is currently visiting, but officials confirm Biden is safe. The mortars hit near the U.S. Embassy and there is no word so far on causalities, BBC News.

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