President Obama to Deliver Key Health Care Reform Speech Tonight

U.S. President Barack Obama will address a joint session of Congress to discuss his goals for health care reform tonight at 8pm EDT, Reuters. The speech will be broadcast live online on C-SPAN.

A major question is whether President Obama will push for the “public option”- a government run plan that people could buy instead of the private insurance that’s available now. Conservatives have criticized the public option saying it is tantamount to systems where health care is entirely government-run. Other reform options include requiring private insurance companies to stop using “preexisting conditions” as a reason to drop coverage. The Senate Finance Committee, under Chair Max Baucus, is working on a “moderate” bill that would not include a public option but would provide a plan that individuals under the age 25 could buy for “catastrophic illnesses” and would expand the number of people with low-incomes eligible for Medicaid coverage, New York Times.

What to look for in Obama’s speech, New York Times.

A look at health care systems worldwide, CNN.

A comprehensive series, including an examination of America’s health  care of last resort: the ER, USA Today.

An investigation of health care insurance industry CEO salaries, Daily Kos.

A review of President’s Bill Clinton’s 1993 speech calling for health care reform, CBS Political Hotsheet.

Bill Moyers interview of former health insurance industry executive Wendell Potter who discusses how market forces push the industry to put profit over health.

Bill Moyers on the controversy surrounding reform.

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