Obama Heckled by Congressman During Speech

President Obama gave a rousing speech tonight in front of a joint session of Congress, but what is likely to be talked about the most from the event is Rep. Joe Wilson shouting “you lie!” at the President during the speech. Sen. McCain said on Larry King Live after the speech that the remark was “totally disrespectful” and that Wilson should “apologize immediately,” Talking Points Memo. Read excerpts from Obama’s speech here.

An Aeroméxico airliner on its way to Mexico City from Cancun was hijacked this afternoon. The hijacker’s name is José Flores, a preacher originally from Bolivia. Flores announced he had a bomb on board during the flight and wanted to speak to Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s president. The plane was grounded and all 112 passengers got off the plane safely, after which Flores was arrested without incident, WSJ.

England, Spain, and Paraguay all clinched spots in the World Cup today. The U.S. and Germany,won their games, as well, and are one game away from playing in the tournament. Shockingly, Argentina is on the verge of missing the World Cup, which would be the first time they don’t play since 1970, Yahoo! Sports.

Hot Topic: Taking Iran Seriously.

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