3 UK Men Guilty in Liquid Terror Plot

3 men have been found guilty in Britain of plotting to bomb airplanes headed to North America. Abdulla Ahmed Ali, 28, Tanvir Hussain, 28, and Assad Sarwar, 29, were found guilty of conspiring to activate liquid bombs while four others also on trial were found not guilty. The arrest of the men in 2006 sparked the liquids ban that still remains in place in many airports. The men had made liquid bombs and planned to carry them aboard planes in drink bottles, BBC News.

More information on fraud in last month’s elections in Afghanistan. Supporters of incumbent president Hamid Karzi made up hundreds of fake polling sites that added fradulent votes for Karzai. Karzai supporters are also said to have taken over about 800 physical sites to influence the vote, New York Times.

957 people were rescued after a ferry capsized in the Philippines yesterday. 9 people were killed, CNN.

A female journalist from Sudan who was on trial for wearing pants in public has been convicted of violating the country’s decency laws. Lubna Hussein will have to pay a fine of $200 but was not sentenced to be lashed. Hussein says she will not pay the fine. A group of women wearing pants gathered in solidarity outside the courthouse in Khartourm. Witnesses said the crowd was dispersed by police using tear gas. Sudanese residents in the north which is mainly Muslim are expected to follow Islamic laws about dressing modestly while in the country’s mainly Christian southern areas the law is not usually enforced, New York Times.

Skywatchers in the U.S. and southern Canada should be able to see the space shuttle as it docks with the space station tomorrow night, Space.com.

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  1. Moss

    Islam IS terrorism. These death-cultists will never allow infidels to live in peace while they can attack us by any and every means at their disposal

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