Science Saturday: Baby Pandas, Exploding Stars, and Dinos

The San Diego Zoo welcomed the birth of a panda cub last month and the zoo has just stated that the cub is a boy and currently weighs 2.8 pounds. To see the panda live, visit the zoo’s panda cam (only broadcasted live during the day).

A fossil of a dinosaur dubbed the “giraffe of the prehistoric” has been found in China and is the first ever Early Cretaceous brachiosaur discovered in the country. The dinosaur’s official name is Qiaowanlong kangxii and it is believed the animal was close to 40 feet long and 10 feet tall, Discovery News.

New studies show that current Arctic air temperatures are the highest they have been in 2,000 years. The higher temps are a result of the increasing amount of greenhouse gas levels. Temperatures now are 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than in 1900, LiveScience.

Science Daily: Celestial Rosetta Stone: White Dwarf Star, Circling Companion Star, Could Explode In A Few Million Years.

LiveScience: Dangers in the Deep – 10 Scariest Sea Creatures.

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