Sen. Ted Kennedy Laid to Rest

Sen. Ted Kennedy was laid to rest this evening in Arlington National Cemetery, 95 feet away from his slain brothers President John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. President Obama and former presidents Carter, Clinton, and Bush all attended a mass for Kennedy this morning in Boston. Kennedy was then flown to Andrews Air Force base and the hearse with his body drove to the Capitol where hundreds of people from the Senator’s staff were waiting on the Capitol’s steps to bid goodbye. Thousands also lined the route to the cemetery, CNN.

BBC News has a slideshow of photos from the mass here.

More votes have been counted in Afghanistan’s presidential election and it appears that President Karzai is handily winning with 46.2 percent of the vote. If he passes 50 percent, Karzai will not have to face a runoff with main political rival Abdullah Abdullah. However, the United Nations-backed Electoral Complaints Commission says they have received 270 complaints of election fraud and there are reportedly videos posted online that show potential fraud, New York Times.

Seven people were found dead this morning in a mobile home in Brunswick, Georgia. Two people were found alive but critically wounded at the scene. Police have not released further details, CNN.


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2 responses to “Sen. Ted Kennedy Laid to Rest

  1. adr

    i am curious about the mobile home incident. it seems very odd that they are not releasing ANY details at all.

  2. good subject

    wait another

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