Afghanistan Calls for Media Blackout on Thursday

The Afghan government is calling for all media outlets, foreign and domestic, to not report any violence that occurs on election day because it will scare off voters. Voting takes place on Thursday, BBC News.

Hurricane Bill has strengthened into a category 3 storm, with maximum winds at 125 mph. The hurricane is not expected to threaten the U.S. and while Bermuda will not be hit directly by the storm, it is expected to get hit with strong waves and winds, CNN.

A librarian at the University of Georgia and her husband, a retired German professor, were killed by a wild pack of dogs on Friday night. Sherry Schweder, 65, was looking for one of her own dogs when she was attacked by what is believed to be up to 16 dogs. Her husband, Lothar Schweder, was mauled by the dogs when he went to search for her. There have been 20 deadly dog attacks this year, AP.

Australia has signed a $41bn energy agreement with China. In the agreement, Australia will provide natural gas to the Chinese energy giant PetroChina, immensely helping Australia’s ailing economy, AFP.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says 29 species may now need federal protection, including 20 plants and six species of snails, AP.

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