U.K. Debating Ultra Fast Rail Travel

33 people are missing after a boat sunk off the coast of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. The first ship to reach the scene saved 42 people, BBC News.

William Jefferson, a former congressmen from Louisiana, was convicted today of 11 counts of bribery. Jefferson is accused of accepting $400,000 in bribes and was found with $90,000 in his freezer in March 2005. His lawyer says he will appeal the decision, AP.

The U.K. has introduced rail plans that would create ultra fast passenger trains, with speeds reaching 250/mph. Transport analysts say, if built, the new system could substantially cut into air travel, Guardian Unlimited.

New scientific studies show that far away stars move at speeds greater than one million mph. The stars are part of a galaxy 11 billion light-years away and prove that the galaxy is oddly massive, but compact, SPACE.

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