Iranian Plane Crash Kills All 168 Aboard

A plane has crashed in northern Iran, most likely killing all 153 passengers and 15 crew onboard. The plane was en route from Tehran to Yerevan, Armenia. Iran is not allowed to buy new planes from Western countries because of sanctions and most of its fleet of Russian planes is quite old, BBC News.

A new report from “Breaking the Silence” says that Israeli soldiers used Palestinian civilians as human shields during the conflict in Gaza last year. Soldiers say the army policy was at target civilians and that “in urban warfare everyone is your enemy,” Haaretz.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake has rocked the coast of New Zealand. The earthquake was feared to have triggered a tsunami headed in the direction of Australia, but the tsunami warning has been canceled, CNN.

A member of the Movement for the Emanicipation of the Niger Delta guerilla group has announced a 60 day ceasefire. Niger’s president is currently unwell and ineffective and several groups are at odds in a battle to control lucrative Nigerian oil, Voice of America.

China has issued a warning to its citizens in Algeria after receiving threats from al Qaeda. China has caught the attention of al Qaeda due to its harsh crackdown on Muslim Uighurs in the Chinese city of Urumqi on July 5, Reuters.

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