Live Post: Unrest in Honduras

The unrest in Honduras is getting worse. At this moment, President Zelaya is trying to find a place to land because the airport has been closed. His plane attempted to land moments ago, but was not able to due to a military blockade. There are large groups outside the airport and reports say two young people have been killed in clashes with soldiers.


8:47pm EDT: Okay, taking a short break. I’ll Twitter when we’re back, or check back here.

8:41pm EDT: Slate article on why reinstating Zelaya would be a bad idea. Quick news brief: President Obama and his family have just taken off for Russia. They will also visit Italy and Ghana on their trip.

8:37pm EDT: CNN reporter says this is clearly a battle between classes. Laborers, military, peasants vs. elites. “Conflict between the have and the have-nots, conflict between the rich and the poor.”

Footage on TeleSUR is pretty scary – lots of panicking among protesters and shots heard.

8:33pm EDT: CNNI says the Red Cross has confirmed one of the people killed was in his 20s and was killed by a gunshot wound to the head. The clashes happened about two and a half hours ago.

8:25pm EDT: Conflicting reports – BNO says Zelaya has landed in Managua, CNN says he is on his way to El Salvador. I’ll trust BNO.

8:23pm EDT: Okay, there is a report claiming a reporter has been killed by hired assassins.

GABRIEL Ciro Noriega, a journalist from San Juan Pueblo, was killed on Friday night after leaving a television program, according to Andrés Pavón Murillo, president of the Human Rights Defense Committee in Honduras.

Full report here.

8:20pm EDT: Here is a good interview with Berta Caceres, President of the Civil Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH).

Another Twitpic of the scene at the airport.

8:17pm EDT: From BNO:

Al Jazeera: Red Cross treating about 30 people for injuries after clashes leave at least 2 people dead.

8:13pm EDT: Since the American media has been slow to inform on the events since the coup, here is a link to the Wikipedia article (I know, I know) on the subject.

8:11pm EDT: BNO confirms the plane carrying Zelaya has landed in Managua.

8:07pm EDT: TeleSUR has live coverage, although in Spanish. I’ve also seen reports questioning if their commentary is reliable, but it’s worth it for the images.

Also, the death toll from the protester/military clashes has risen to three (source in Spanish).

8:03pm EDT: BREAKING: Zelaya will delay landing in the country until tomorrow.

7:59pm EDT: CNN reports President Zelaya will try to land in Nicaragua now. Switches live coverage to Michael Jackson coverage. Luckily I have CNNI.

CNN is now reporting the young boy who died was only eight years old.

7:57pm EDT: AFP photo of the other person fatally wounded today. From AFP:

At least half a dozen military vehicles blocked the only runway at the airport in Tegucigalpa, while tens of thousands of his supporters demonstrated outside.

7:50pm EDT: Twitpic of soldiers at the airport.

7:49pm EDT: From BNO:

Al Jazeera: Honduran authorities will order the national curfew to take effect one hour and 15 minutes earlier than planned after clashes.

7:45pm EDT: WARNING: Graphic. The AP has a photo of the child killed in the protests. Look at your own risk.

7:43pm EDT: The AP’s report on the situation here.

7:41pm EDT: CNN has a reporter live on he ground in the capital city. During a phone interview, large protests could be heard behind him.

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