World Hunger Passes 1 Billion Mark- Highest in Human History

The UN reports that world hunger is at an all time high, thanks in part to the economic slowdown. 1.02 billion people worldwide are malnourished, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Iranian football players who wore green armbands in protest of the recent presidential election results during a World Cup qualifying match in Seoul last week have “retired.” An Iranian newspaper reports that the four players who wore the armbands have received a life ban from playing for the national Iranian team, CNN.

Former US detainees are speaking out about the abuse they endured while held at the Bagram Airforce Base in Afghanistan. The BBC, based on  interviews with 27 former inmates, says the inmates were subkected to extreme temperatures, denied sleep, threatened with death at gunpoint, and were forced to remove clothes in front of female soldiers. The Pentagon denies the allegations, BBC News.

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