Guardian Council to Investigate 646 Complaints in Iranian Election

Iran’s Guardian Council will investigate 646 complaints of irregularities at the polls in Iran’s presidential election last week. Protests of Ahmadinejad’s re-election victory have continued to grow over the past week, BBC News. Wikipedia now has a comprehensive entry for the 2009 Iranian election protests.

President Obama to implement small changes to government benefits for same-sex couples. Same-sex partners will now be able to use sick leave to care their partner and will be able to get time off work to care for children that are not biologically their own. The administration says they would like to extend benefits further but are constrained by the Defense of Marriage Act which defines marriage as between a man and a woman and was passed during the Clinton administration, Los Angeles Times.

The US Congress is currently working on a defense spending bill. Conservative senators managed to insert a provision that would prevent the release of any photos that show detainees being abused by US military staff. There is a Freedom of Information Act case pending in US courts on whether the photos must be released, Fox News.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has declared its first ever “public health emergency” and is sending $6 million to the pay medical bills of about 500 people in Montana who were made ill by asbestos in a mine. The illness is widespread as the workers at the mine, which closed in 1990, carried asbestos dust home on their work clothes to their families, Washington Post.

In addition to the ten people that died in a mortar blast at a mosque in Somalia yesterday, Somalia’s security minister was also killed in a blast at a hotel north of Mogadishu earlier today, BBC News.

North Korea qualified for the 2010 World Cup yesterday by keeping its match against Saudia Arabia at a 0-0 draw, CNN.

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