Update: What’s Happening in Iran

It’s past midnight in the States, but Iran is just waking up, and waking up to continuing protests. Since our live coverage ended, all power went down in Tehran. The only info coming from the area was via satellite. Now it seems that only a few people can connect through Twitter, and among them is Farhad who is providing amazing coverage. Farhad was watching the scene as police tried to enter a university in Tehran to arrest protesters. Tear gas was fired.

Mousavi’s Twitter was updated during the night to say that he was under house arrest. There have since been reports that 10 of his campaign supporters, leaders in the reform party, have been arrested.

While we’re down, we urge you to follow the protests on Twitter or through BBC’s coverage, really the only major organization giving any info at all. Check the Morning Edition for more info around 9-10am.

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