Live Post: Riots and Protests in Iran in Wake of Ahmadinejad Win

A lot has happened since voting ended in Iran’s presidential election last night. Despite Ahmadinejad being named the winner with 62% of the vote, supporters of his main rival, Mir Hossein Mousavi suspect fraud and claim that he was the rightful winner. Social networks such as Facebook are blocked in Iran and text messaging is down in Iran. Twitter updates are still coming in. Twitter searches: #iranelection, Tehran.

Unconfirmed reports have surfaced that Mousavi has been arrested, DailyKos.

A Flickr user in Tehran is updating live with pictures of the violence: mousavi1388. StopAhmadi is tweeting live from Tehran. You can also check out Mousavi’s official website.

Video: Mousavi supporters advance through the streets of Tehran,


4:42pm EDT: Alright we’re stopping our coverage here for a bit, we’ll update our Twitter with a link to a new post if it’s needed. Thanks for reading!

4:28pm EDT: mahdi: “Rumors say Moussavi’s real votes are around 70% of total and Ahmadinejad is in 3rd place.”

4:23pm EDT: Multiple Twitters are reporting that the rumors in Iran suggest Mousavi won the election and Ahmadinejad came in third. Will post when we get a news source who has heard the same thing/can confirm or deny.

Massive crowd of protesters from earlier:

4:16pm EDT: Still almost no coverage on American television about the elections. Very, very disappointing.

4:14pm EDT: Via Huff Po: The global intelligence firm Stratfor reports: “Unconfirmed rumors are circulating that Iranian Expediency Council chief Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafasnjani has resigned.”

4:06pm EDT: StopAhmadi: “Students making molotov cocktails and throwing in stores, burning down shops in Tehran.”

jimsciuttoABC: “Thick smoke from burning tires blanketing city, pop-pop of tear gas being fired. 50 police just marched in front of hotel.”

4:00pm EDT: StopAhmadi: “Woman from Tehran on BBC Persia: “Nobody wanted Ahmadinejad..Riot police are literally killing people and hitting them.”

“The streets are very crowded. Just one word from your mouth on the streets and they will arrest you.”

BBC Persia: “It’s clear that majority voted for Mousavi.”

3:51pm EDT: Via Huff Po: Potentially stunning development. The National Iranian American Council links to an Iranian story saying the President of the Committee of Election Monitoring has requested that the election be canceled.

Hojjat-ol-Eslam Yali Akbar MohteshamiPour officially requested that the Guardian Council to cancel this election and schedule a new election balanced and moderated democratically with the widespread and national presence of the people.

3:48pm EDT: mousavi1388: “ALL networks are cut. We ask everyone in Tehran to go on their rooftops and shout ALAHO AKBAR in protest.”

3:43pm EDT: mohamadreza: “Mousavi & Karoubi are both individually under house arrest & they are monitored, they do not have any connection with outside.”

The AP reports about protesters and journalists beaten:

An Associated Press photographer saw a plainclothes security official beating a woman with his truncheon. Italian state TV RAI said one of its crews was caught in the clashes in front Mousavi’s headquarters. Their Iranian interpreter was beaten with clubs by riot police and officers confiscated the cameraman’s tapes, the station said.

3:33pm EDT: New video from Tehran of a man saying people are being killed:

3:30pm EDT: Great Flickr photos from Merat.

3:28pm EDT: GEsfandiari: “Unconfirmed reports say several senior members of reformist Mosharekat party detained.”

3:24pm EDT: From tabesh in Iran: “My Internet is back again. Things outside is horrible, people fighting with stone, Basij Millitia armed with cold weapon.”

3:20pm EDT: Helpful Blogs

Today’s protests in Iran are the biggest the 1979 revolution, Reuters.

3:17pm EDT: New video:

3:13pm EDT: librarygrape: “Official Iranian election monitors declare election results a fraud

3:10pm EDT: RT: @Winston80: “Heavy clashes in front of min. of Interior in #Tehran. Police permitted to shoot at rioters.”

BBC Persia has some new photos up.

3:09pm EDT: VernaBarbar: “Mousavi adviser: “It’s a coup d’etat.” Maziar Bahari, a Farsi-speaking, Iran-based correspondent for Newsweek.”

3:05pm EDT: Here’s a good report on irregularities in the voting.

2:59pm EDT: Reports are suggesting Twitter, where we’ve been getting the best info, is now blocked. “RT @voteforiran @HarryWaisbren all of the twittering Iranians we follow are quiet. Twitter is blocked.”

Reporters in Tehran claim that much of the violence and damage in Tehran is being carried out by basijis, civilians who are employed by Iran’s clerical regime who are able to intimidate anyone opposed to the current government. The destruction caused by the basijis will be attributed to the pro-Mousavi demonstrators, Telegraph.

2:52pm EDT: Breaking from DailyKos!

A committee of respected Ayatollahs (the spiritual fighters) have requested that the election be invalidated for the purpose of restoring the people’s trust in the Islamic Republic.  We request the people to stay calm and not to provoke the government agents.

2:49pm EDT: kianarama: TIME: “Eyewitnesses say the police beat a young man to death north of Vanak Square”

Tehran Bureau says between 50-100 people have been killed, but we cannot confirm this at all, so take with a grain of salt until the bigger news outlets report causalities.

2:45pm EDT: From StopAhmadi: “The report from says Mousavi was arrested earlier today and is now in detention.:

2:44pm EDT: Here is a great blog with loads of pictures and videos from Tehran.

2:42pm EDT: The White House has released their official statement, per Robert Gibbs:

“Like the rest of the world, we were impressed by the vigorous debate and enthusiasm that this election generated, particularly among young Iranians. We continue to monitor the entire situation closely, including reports of irregularities.”

2:40pm EDT: Switching to live blog format because things are getting worse and worse in Tehran. From StopAhmadi: “Tehran phone line to other iranian cities not working.”

Updates from Twitter:

  • RT @brianstelter RT @jimsciuttoABC: #iran police confiscated our camera and videotapes. We are shooting police violence on our cell phones
  • KateHeflin: Twitter is the only social network open in Iran right now-so read the tweets coming over
  • voteforiran: Demonstration in front of Iranian embassy in The Hague Sunday at noon
  • mohamadreza: 5000 people at Tajrish Sq. Tehran

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