Suicides in U.S. Army Continue to Increase

U.S. Army statistics show that the suicide rate among soldiers is rising at a record pace. 17 soldiers were either confirmed or believed to have committed suicide in the month of May. So far this year, there are 82 suspected/confirmed cases, which will most certainly pass last year’s 133 deaths, the most ever, CNN.

Sudan is allowing four aid agencies back into the country after ousting them from Darfur in March. Care International, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, and Padco will be allowed back in to help, as long as they slightly change their names and use different logos. The move is seen as a good sign for improving relations between aid agencies and the Sudanese government, BBC News.

Football club Real Madrid has paid a record-breaking 80M pounds to Manchester United in a transfer fee for star Cristiano Ronaldo. The fee is by far the highest in history. Man U. accepted the bid, allowing Real to begin talks with Ronaldo about a trade, BBC Sport.

American officials are reporting that they now have evidence that some al-Qaeda fighters are moving into Yemen and Somalia. Reports say leaders are among militants who have moved, and that they are in close contact with al-Qaeda members in Pakistan. The precense of the group especially in Somalia is troubling, as an Islamic militant group, the Shabab, are already threatening to topple the government, New York Times.


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4 responses to “Suicides in U.S. Army Continue to Increase

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  2. Buffalo

    How many Generals have committed suicide?

  3. Citizen's Daily Brief

    I’m not sure, but I do know that at least one General lost his son to suicide:

  4. gussguss

    Hello Friends:

    It saddens me that suicides are on the rise in the Military. In two weeks I will be walking in an Overnight Walk for Suicide Prevention in Chicago, Illinois. I will be walking 18 miles in a Miles for the Military team. This experience is going to be very powerful for me!! I have military brothers and sisters who have attempted or completed suicide.

    If you would like to donate please visit my fund raising page at

    I must raise 700 dollars by June 27th in order to participate. Thanks for reading!!


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