Breaking: Bomb Blast at 5-Star Hotel in Pakistan

A car bomb has killed at least 11 and injured more than 50 in Peshawar, Pakistan at a 5-star hotel popular with foreigners. Reports say a Pakistani state minister has been injured as well as two U.N. workers. The blast occurred in the hotel parking lot and destroyed dozens of cars. The Pearl Continental Hotel has been evacuated and there are some reports that gunmen tried to storm the hotel, but more information is not known on the gunmen.

You can watch live coverage on CNN-IBN. Tweeting from the area: bilish. | faisalkapadia. | En02.

Updates from Twitter:

  • faisalkapadia: “Car used in blast found on 4th floor this is how intense the explosion was #peshawar”
  • forensicanthro: “The foreign woman who has died is believed to be Russian – Dawn TV”
  • BreakingNews: Unconfirmed report one person from Germany and another from England have been wounded in the car bomb attack on a hotel in Peshawar -Dawn TV

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