Wikipedia High Court Bans Church of Scientology

In a 10-1decision, the Wikipedia arbitration committee has banned all edits from IP addresses owned by the Church of Scientology. Wikipedia claims that the group repeatedly removed negative information from Wikipedia articles about Scientology.Vociferous anti-Scientology users were also banned in an effort to keep articles neutral, Wikinews.

Meanwhile, Scientology is also on trial in France where officials are charging the French arm of Scientology with fraud. The verdict could ban organized activities by Scientologists in France, Time.

55 whales are beached in South Africa. Volunteers have tried to push the whales back into the sea but they return to the beach, Associated Press. The exact reasons why whales beach themselves are unknown. Some say that it is natural and has happened at different times in the past, Wikipedia.

Pakistan military regains control of Taliban dominated Mingora. The army spent most of last week going from house to house in the heaily fortified town in an effort to drive out the Taliban, BBC News.

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