Pakistani Army Makes Huge Gain in Swat Valley

In a major victory for the Pakistani army, Taliban fighters have fled Mingora in the Swat Valley after intense fighting. Officials hope this is a turning point in a fight to rid the country of the terrorist group. The 20,000 civilians trapped in the area are being given supplied, but power in the area will not be restored for an estimated two weeks. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said cash payments will be given to affected residents and massive reconstruction will occur, AP.

England’s Prince Harry landed yesterday in the U.S. for his first official visit to the country. The prince has played in a charity polo match in New York City, visited Harlem, met with Gov. Patterson, and honored September 11th victims, CNN.

After North Korea’s dismemberment of the Korean Armisitice, American officials have been cautioning the country against taking any militay action. Defense Secretary Robet Gates said today: “We will not stand idly by as North Korea builds the capability to wreak destruction on any target in Asia — or on us. He went on to say he didn’t believe Korea was, right now, a direct threat, NPR.


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2 responses to “Pakistani Army Makes Huge Gain in Swat Valley

  1. Joe

    Ummm…Prince harry is playing Polo oh god stop the presses!! he should meet up with Barack and have a Burger at Five guys, man talk about a circus.

  2. You should look at the pictures of all the media surrounding Harry in New York, it’s insane.

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