Live Post: 7.1 Earthquake Off Coast of Honduras

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck around 3:30am local time in the Caribbean, 80 miles off the coast of Honduras, USGS. Tsunami warnings had been issued for Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala, but have since been canceled. Damage has been reported in the area. Live updates under the cut:

7:25am EDT: Alright, power is down in much of the affected area and few reports are coming in, so we’ll stop live coverage here until the Morning Edition. Thanks everyone.

6:57am EDT: Reuters update on the reported damage here.

Update from El Periodico on the confirmed death: The deceased is a child under 13 years who fell over a balcony. The family were saved when leaving the house located in Cologne Pineda of San Manuel, Puerto Cortés.

6:52am EDT: Again, roughly translated from El Politico: Carlos Gonzalez, Subcommittee on COPECO of Honduras, has officially reported a deceased person. In Cologne Pineda, sector of Lima. Two homes damaged, people injured, one seriously injured. Puerto Cortes has 9 houses destroyed.

6:45am EDT: A 4.8 aftershock occurred off the coast of Honduras about an hour and a half ago according to the USGS.

6:40am EDT: BNO now reports: “Officials in Honduras are confirming damage and casualties after the quake.”

6:21am EDT: CNN video with account of former CNN Español producer who experienced the earthquake.

6:10am EDT: Update from El Periodico, roughly translated: In Guatemala there are no confirmed people wounded or injured. At the time (04:09 local time) there is no reported damage. In Honduras, reported damage to homes, industry, and several fires, have not confirmed injuries and / or killed. A local radio reported several deaths, but has not been confirmed.

6:02am EDT: For Spanish speakers, Radio HRN is broadcasting live.

5:55am EDT: From BNO: “Institute says tsunami watch is now canceled. There are unconfirmed reports of serious damage in Honduras.”

5:49am EDT: El Periodico confirms there are several fires in San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba and Puerto Cortez. They also say there are currently no communications with the island of Roatan, which is located off the Honduran coast.

5:38am EDT: El Periodico commenter reports the earthquake lasted approximately 88 seconds, which is quite long for an earthquake.

5:33am EDT: From BNO: “Guatemala’s Fire Department spokesman says no damage reported. Still no word on possible damage in Honduras. Tsunami watch still in effect.”

And here is the tsunami warning information.

5:26am EDT: inewsroom: “Strong earthquake off coast of Honduras sends people into streets as far as Guatemala.”

5:23am EDT: Mauro Roque reports on Twitter: “HONDURAS EARTHQUAKE: LOCAL RADIO REPORTS MINIMUM OF 5 PEOPLE DEATH, 20 INJURED.” Will try to confirm.

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